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Meet the people who you can trust to make your child feel at home.

The foundation of a safe and transformative Camp experience is the staff. Our counselors are carefully selected and over 60% of them grew up through our summer camp’s leadership development sequence. We require an extensive Orientation and Skill Building week before the summer starts so that everyone knows the best practices to help your child have a safe, successful experience. All staff undergo three separate background checks against state and federal fingerprint databases and three verbal character reference checks. This is a more rigorous screening than most camps do, and compares with the process used to vet teachers.

Our senior leadership are camping professionals who feel honored to partner with parents administrating Camp Fitch and it’s year-round programs. Our top seasonal leadership are passionate educators who have years of classroom and administrative experience.

Magic Makers and Patient Listeners

Molly Buhl
Equestrian Program Coordinator

Brandy Duda
Outdoor Education Director

Bradley Langston
Waterfront Coordinator

Lauren Mack
Retreats Coordinator

Joe Wolnik
Summer Camp Director

Brad Powell
Adventure Trips Coordinator

Palette Pleasers and Belly Fillers

Cherie Graham
Food Service Director

Caretakers and Heavy Lifters

Greg Betteridge
Facilities and Grounds Director

Tommy McCumber
Grounds Caretaker

David Parker
Systems Caretaker

Fred Solomon
Building Caretaker

Nancy Moore
Housekeeping Manager

Question Answerers and Record Keepers

Hannah Kight
Office Manager and Registrar

Instigators and Shepherds

Tom Parker
Executive Director and Chaplain

Kelly Poese
Senior Director of Programs