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. . . All Together, Camp Fitch Forever!

Camp Fitch has a deeper impact when we are all rowing in the same direction. We want to support parents in their quest to raise children who become caring, successful, satisfied, and godly adults. Please stay connected with us and let’s keep working together to make kids stronger.

Help us keep up with your life since you’ve left Camp! We would love to learn about you, and send you our quarterly newsletter.

Email your camper, view photos of their week at Camp, and give us feedback about your child’s recent Fitch experience in the CampInTouch account that was automagically established when you registered.

Log in here to stay in touch with your Fitch friends all over the world. Alumni without a CampInTouch account should use the “Alumni Reconnect!” link to first establish an account in our database.

There are many ways to give back to Camp a measure of what you received.

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