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Cost should not be the reason a child cannot attend Camp Fitch YMCA

Kids need camp more than ever and at Camp Fitch we are committed to work with every family to make camp affordable for your budget. The financial aid process is about a conversation, as we believe every family is unique and just wants to do what is best for their children. We provide scholarships to families making up to $100,000 per year, so please reach out to us so we can make the Camp Fitch experience affordable for your family.


Interested in Financial Aid for summer camp? To get started:

  1. Follow this link to begin registering your campers.
  2. When you reach the “Billing/Payment Information” page, leave your deposit method set to “check” if you wish to forgo making a deposit at this time. We will ask for a $75 deposit when we offer you your fee relief award.
  3. Finish your registration. Click on “My Account Menu”.
  4. If you have any more children to register, go back through the Camper Application for each child.
  5. Once you have all campers registered, click on “Forms & Documents” in your main account menu.
  6. Fill out the “Fee Relief Request Form”. This form shows up under all campers’ forms, but only one needs to be filled out.
  7. Upload one piece of income documentation (recent paystub, 2021 W-2, proof of public assistance, etc.) to the “Fee Relief Income Documentation” section.

If your first choice of dates is waitlisted, don’t let that deter you from finishing the process. Our system won’t charge you a deposit if a camper ends up in line waiting for a spot. 

Camp Fitch YMCA