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Take a Road Trip!

Taking the Fitch Experience on the road allows us to push kids even further out of their comfort zones, build intense friendships based on trust and shared responsibility, and expose them to activities they might never have experienced before. All of these trips are live in our Camper Application and can be found in Session Group > Teen Trips.

PENNultimate Adventure (June 23-29) $825
Experience the breathtaking wilderness of Western Pennsylvania on our first adventure of the summer! This trip will consist of an overnight canoe outing on the Allegheny River, a hiking day that leads you to a real rock climbing site, and a rafting trip on some nearly whitewater. We will end the trip by stand-up-paddle boarding near Presque Isle. This trip is perfect for campers who are looking to get their feet wet (quite literally) with Fitch’s Adventure Trip Program!

Mountain Momma (July 6-13) $975
Calling all climbing and whitewater enthusiasts! Travel to the New River Gorge in West Virginia and experience a wild and wonderful state of happiness. On this trip we will climb and raft it up (shred the nar! times 2). A day of hiking in Maryland, two days of climbing or real rock faces, and two days of whitewater rafting in West Virginia await us on this week long adventure. Country roads, take us home to the place we belong!

Sweet Carolina (July 20-30) $1,145
Journey to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and do it all! This ten day action-packed trip is perfect for teenage thrill seekers. Phase one of the trip will start with some team building and rock climbing as we travel to two iconic state parks — Pilot Mountain and Stone Mountain. Our next adventures will involve canoeing the NC section of the New River. Bald eagles and river otters await us! Our third phase will be about discovery as we go backpacking in the Pisgah and end with us visiting the famous sliding rock (bring your jean shorts!) We’ll round out our trip crawling through a cave in Tennessee and white water rafting in WV as we slowly make our way back to Fitch. Please note that travel will be involved almost each day.

rapellinig teen adventure trip
Rappelling at the New Rive Gorge