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Week long trips that coincide with our traditional camp weeks.  For Ages 11-17.



Trips to reconnect with friends made during the summer or prepare yourself for a week-long summer trip!



Family Trips, Contract Groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Native Sons and Daughters, etc.



Plan an AT hike section by section with our trusted guides.

Take a Road Trip!

Teen Adventure Trips are designed for those campers who want to explore more.  They are where friends become best friends.  Trips can feel refreshing like water from a class IV rapid hitting you in the face!  Whether it is backpacking, paddling, caving, or climbing- there is a new adventure out there for your child to discover.  Trip dates and descriptions are listed below.

2021 Official Trips Schedule for Camp Fitch YMCA 

Dates  Trip Name  Trip Level  Ages  Notes 
June 20-26  Jersey Journey  3  13-16  Hike-Climb-Raft 
June 27-July 3  Mountain Momma  2  12-16  Climb-Raft 
July 4-10  Potomac Power P.S.  1  11-12  Paddling Only 
July 11-17  Grayson Highlands  3  13-16  Hike-Bike-Cave 
July 18-27  Sweet Carolina*  4  14-17  10 Day Trip 
July 25-31  Mountain Momma II  2  12-16  Climb-Raft 
August 1-7  Pennultimate   1  11-12  PA Local Trip 
August 5-14  Northeast Beast  4  14-17  10 Day Trip 

Trip Levels Explained

Level 1 Trips  ($915)

  • 11-12 years old.
  • Basic and Introductory.
  • Low Risk Trips.

Level 2 Trips  ($975)

  • 12-16 years old.
  • Rivers move faster, climbs get higher.
  • Camp in same area entire week.

Level 3 Trips  ($1,050)

  • 13-16 years old.
  • Taller mountains, longer rivers, deeper friendships.
  • Introduction of Mountain Biking and Caving.
  • Travel 1-2 hours every day.

Level 4 Trips  ($1,300)

  • 14-17 years old.
  • Splash-tastic whitewater, OMG climbs, and Insane Views!
  • 10 Days long.
  • Travel happens every day of trip.
rapellinig teen adventure trip
Rappelling at the New Rive Gorge

Ages Guide

11 – Level 1 Only

12 – Level 1 and 2

13 – Levels 2 and 3

14-16 – Levels 2,3 and 4

17 – Level 4 trips only

Level I (11-12 year olds) $915

PENNultimate  –  August 1-7 
Based locally in Western Pennsylvania/ Northeastern Ohio, this trip will consist of a few day trips with one or two nights spent away from Camp Fitch. Activities include river canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, climbing on real rock, rafting, and hiking with a GPS. While at Camp Fitch, campers will tent-camp every night! 

Potomac Power Paddling School  –  July 4-10   
This trip was perfectly made for the pre-teen who wants to just lay in the sun all day and occasionally get their toes wet.  Potomac Power Paddling School is the first trip to feature nothing but paddling.  The trip will consist of a four-day adventure to Maryland where we will canoe, kayak, and whitewater raft three different rivers that feed into the larger Potomac River.  All three rivers never exceed class II rapids.  During this trip your child will learn how to paddle a canoe and kayak properly from our official Whitewater Canoe Instructor.  The very last day will feature Stand-Up-Paddle boarding back in Erie.


Level II (12-16 year olds) $975

Mountain Momma    June 27- July 3, July 4-10,  July 25-31 
This is the classic West Virginia trip that started all of this fun! Campers will be glamping at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia where they will experience two days of white water rafting, climbing and walking under the New River Bridge on a historical tour. Ziplining and playing in the lake at ACE will be evening programs. 


Level III (13-16) $1,050

Grayson Highlands  –  July 11-17 
On this trip, adventurers will explore the beauty of Southwestern Virginia by backpacking in Grayson Highlands State Park where wild ponies await us!  After seeing the sweet views, we will mountain bike the famous Virginia Creeper trail, cave in Tennessee, and whitewater raft the New River in West Virginia.  This trip features everything and will not disappoint!  Originally posted last year as Explorers: Southwest Virginia. 

Jersey Journey  –  June 20-26 
Travel to the Northwest corner of New Jersey where we will take a three-day backpacking trip in the Delaware Water Gap. During that backpacking stretch we will stop for some rock climbing and swimming in a glacial lake. On the return back to Fitch we will stop in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern PA where we will white water raft and mountain bike. 


Level IV (14-17) $1,300

Northeast Beast   –  August 5-14
Join us on a wild 10-day experience as we travel to some epic sites throughout the Northeastern United States.  Phase one of our trip will focus on teambuilding and togetherness as we backpack for three days in Southern Vermont.  Phase two will highlight exploration as we climb and bike on the Vermont/New Hampshire state line.  Phase three will give us a chance to improve our paddle strokes as we raft the Deerfield River in Massachusetts and canoe down the Delaware River in New Jersey.  Let us seek out new adventures and new friendships! 

Sweet Carolina  –  July 18-27 
Journey to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and do it all! This ten day action-packed trip is perfect for teenage thrill seekers. Phase one of the trip will start with some team building and rock climbing as we travel to two iconic state parks — Pilot Mountain and Stone Mountain. Our next adventures will involve canoeing the NC section of the New River. Bald eagles and river otters await us! Our third phase will be about discovery as we go backpacking in the Pisgah and swim near some chilly waterfalls.  We’ll round out our trip crawling through a cave in Tennessee and white water rafting in WV as we slowly make our way back to Fitch. Please note that travel will be involved almost each day. 

*Extreme Option ($500) 

Sweet Carolina campers can choose the ‘extreme’ option.  This allows them to merge with and finish their experience with the Mountain Momma trip.  Instead of traveling back to Camp Fitch YMCA on Tuesday, July 27- campers will stay in West Virginia and enjoy two more days of whitewater rafting and a day of climbing.  Laundry will be done on that Tuesday.  Extreme option campers will be back at camp for pickup Saturday July 31. 


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