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Week long trips that coincide with our traditional camp weeks.  For Ages 11-17.



Trips to reconnect with friends made during the summer or prepare yourself for a week-long summer trip!



Family Trips, Contract Groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Native Sons and Daughters, etc.



Plan an AT hike section by section with our trusted guides.

Take a Road Trip!

Teen Adventure Trips are designed for those campers who want to explore more.  They are where friends become best friends.  Trips can feel refreshing like water from a class IV rapid hitting you in the face!  Whether it is backpacking, paddling, caving, or climbing- there is a new adventure out there for your child to discover.  Trip dates and descriptions are listed below.


2022 Official Trips Schedule for Camp Fitch YMCA 

Camp Week  Dates
Trip Name  Trip Level  Ages 
1 June 12-18 Mountain Momma 2  12-16 
2 June 19-25 Grayson Highlands  3  13-16 
3 June 26 – July 5 Northeast Beast 4  14-17 
3 June 26 – July 2 Pennultimate (Girls Only) 1  11-12
4 July 3-9 Pennultimate (Boys Only) 1  11-12 
4 July 3-9 Jersey Journey 3  13-16
5 July 10-16 Mountain Momma  2  14-17 
5 July 10-16 Mountain Momma: Ultimate Trip of the Year  13-16 
5 July 10-16 Mountain Momma: Supreme Trip of the Year 15-17 
6 July 17-23 Potomac Power 1 11-14
6 July 17-23 Grayson Highlands 3  13-16 
7 July 21-30 Sweet Carolina  4  14-17 
7 July 24-30 Mountain Momma 2  12-16 
FC July 31 – Aug 6 Mountain Momma 2  12-16 

Trip Levels Explained

Level 1 Trips  ($995)

  • 11-12 years old.
  • Basic and Introductory.
  • Low Risk Trips.

Level 2 Trips  ($1,055)

  • 12-16 years old.
  • Rivers move faster, climbs get higher.
  • Camp in same area entire week.

Level 3 Trips  ($1,130)

  • 13-16 years old.
  • Taller mountains, longer rivers, deeper friendships.
  • Introduction of Mountain Biking and Caving.
  • Travel 1-2 hours every day.

Level 4 Trips  ($1,380)

  • 14-17 years old.
  • Splash-tastic whitewater, OMG climbs, and Insane Views!
  • 10 Days long.
  • Travel happens every day of trip.
rapellinig teen adventure trip
Rappelling at the New Rive Gorge

Ages Guide

11 – Level 1 Only

12 – Level 1 and 2

13 – Levels 2 and 3

14-16 – Levels 2,3 and 4

17 – Level 4 trips only

Level I (11-12 year olds) $995

Pennultimate: June 26 – July 2 (Girls Only Trip) & July 3-9 (Boys Only Trip) 
Based locally in Western Pennsylvania/ Northeastern Ohio, this trip consists of only day trips with campers spending each night on Camp Fitch property. Day trips include ziplining, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, high rope challenges, kayaking, disc golf, and whatever else time allows for! This is the best trip to start with as it introduces campers to the adventure trips program.

Potomac Power Paddling School: July 17-23 (ages 11-14) 
Take your love of the water from Lake Erie to the Potomac watershed area of Maryland! In this trip, campers will stay in a treehouse for three nights as they enjoy day trips around the area. Activities include both river canoeing and river kayaking, followed by a day of introductory whitewater rafting. Enjoy the water and learn how to paddle from our very own American Canoe Association paddling instructor! The last day will be spent back in Erie, stand-up paddleboarding in Presque Isle.


Level II (12-16 year olds) $975 – $1,255

2022 Is celebrating Mountain Momma as the TRIP OF THE YEAR! Celebrate with us. Choose to go on the regular Mountain Momma or up your game to a more difficult, high-energy experience! 


Mountain Momma ($1,055): June 12-18, July 10-16, July 24-30, July 31 – August 6
This is the classic West Virginia trip that started all of this fun! Campers will be tent camping at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia where they will experience two days of white water rafting on the New River, climbing in the Meadow River Gorge, and on the last day- walking underneath the New River Gorge Bridge on a historical tour. Ziplining and playing in the lake at ACE will be evening programs.

Mountain Momma Ultimate ($1,155): July 10-16
Take the Mountain Momma trip to the next level! The ultimate version of this trip substitutes in stand-up paddleboarding at Summersville Lake and horseback riding on the high ridges and takes out the upper New River rafting and rock climbing. Don’t worry, rafting the lower New River, Bridge Walk, and ziplining are still a part of the schedule. Note: this is only for ages 13-16 since it feels like a Level 3 Trip.

Mountain Momma Supreme ($1,255): July 10-16
This freakishly, amazing New River Gorge experience continues where the normal Mountain Momma trip leaves off. Rafting the lower portion of the New River is one of the first activities, building to rafting the Gauley River at summer water levels at the end of the trip. Expect this to be the best whitewater experience in West Virginia! Other activities include rappelling in the gorge and taking on the mud run obstacle course (think Wipeout!) at ACE Resort. Note: this is only for ages 15-17 since it feels like a Level 4 trip. *Minimum age to raft the summer Gauley is 15.


Level III (13-16) $1,130

2022 Is celebrating Mountain Momma as the TRIP OF THE YEAR! Celebrate with us. Choose to go on the regular Mountain Momma or up your game to a more difficult, high-energy experience! 

Grayson Highlands: June 19-25 & July 17-23
Take Southwestern Virginia by storm and backpack in Grayson Highlands State Park where wild ponies await us! After seeing the sweet views, we will mountain bike the famous Virginia Creeper trail, explore a wild cave in Tennessee, and whitewater raft the lower portion of the New River in West Virginia. This trip has you constantly on the go and does not disappoint!

Jersey Journey: July 3-9 (4th of July fireworks viewed on a trip at local city park) 
Travel to the Northwest corner of New Jersey where the black bears and bald eagles reign! This trip features day trips of hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking. Bonus activities include visiting an ostrich farm, ziplining, and swimming in the southernmost U.S. glacial lake. Experience everything the Delaware Water Gap has to offer and more!


Level IV (14-17) $1,380

Northeast Beast: June 26 – July 5
Join us on a wild, ten-day experience as we travel throughout the Northeastern United States. This trip will feature backpacking in the Adirondacks of New York or just across the Hudson in Vermont (final spot TBD). After this, we will do some whitewater rafting for two days in Massachusetts, E-biking, and standup paddleboarding on the Vermont/New Hampshire border. Let us seek out new adventures and new friendships!

Sweet Carolina: July 21-30
Journey to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and do it all! This ten-day action-packed trip is perfect for teenage thrill-seekers. Phase one of the trip will feature teambuilding and caving near Bluff City, Tennessee. Phase two drops us off in the Pisgah National Forest to backpack amongst the waterfalls and wash off the cave mud. It will be the most remote part of the trip. To end, phase three has us canoeing and kayaking the NC section of New River and traveling up to West Virginia to raft the lower New River. Bald eagles and river otters await us! Rock Climbing will also be done at some point during the trip.


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