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Family Trips 2020


We are now offering adventure trips for families!  Our adventure trips program travels across the Mid-Atlantic and beyond to several, unique wilderness locations where kids can explore and find adventure.  Whether it is adding a fun day to the end of a family vacation or spending a whole week with our trusted and trained Trip Leaders, we cannot wait to provide the best memories available in a fun, safe setting!  As a family, feel free to create your own adventure by following the steps below:

*Prices vary on length of trip, selection of activities, and number of participants per activity.

^ Each trip requires the family to drive to every location in their own vehicle.  The Trip Leader(s) cannot transport the family in a camp vehicle.


Step 1:             Select the length of your trip and the dates you would like to go!

  • 1 Day $50/ family
  • 2 Days, 1 Night $100/ family
  • 3 days, 2 Nights $200/ family
  • 4 days or more $100/ family/ day minus $100  (ex: 5 days= $400)


Step 2:             Select how far you would like to go

  • ’Round the Corner Areas around Ohio, from Cleveland to Youngstown
  • Down the Road Western Pennsylvania and the Maryland Panhandle
  • Over Yonder West Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey and beyond.  Tell us where you want to go!  *There is a $0.50 per mile fee to help cover transportation cost of equipment and your personal Trip Leader.  Mileage calculated is the distance from Camp Fitch YMCA to the first activity spot.


Step 3:             Select your activities (1 per day)

  • Guided Overnight Backpacking (2 day activity)  $150/ Family
  • Guided Day Hike or historical tour $70/ Family
  • Climbing ($50/ participant with unlimited number of climbs)
  • Caving (only available in “Over Yonder” package) $150/ Family
  • Mountain Biking  $55/ participant
  • Stand- Up- Paddle Boarding $80/ participant
  • Canoeing (Day) $50/ Canoe
  • Canoeing (Overnight) $75/ Canoe
  • Kayaking $60/ participant
  • Kayaking in West Virginia $100/ Adult, $70/ Youth
  • Whitewater Rafting (WV) $100/ participant
  • Whitewater Rafting (PA) $85/ participant



Step 4:             Select your camping style per night of your trip

  • Backcountry Camping with Tents and Hammocks No Charge
  • Camping at an established campground with showers $15/ person/ night
  • Cabins or Hotels#

#Book the hotel or cabin yourself with our guidance or give us permission to book it for you and add it to the total cost of your trip.  Let us know in the initial email.


Step 5:             Select the number of meals you would like

  • $10 per person per meal.  Tell us what you would like and if you have any allergies/ special diets.  Rafting trips include lunch already.
  • Families can choose to eat at restaurants on their own for any meal.
  • Families can bring their own groceries and cook meals on their own. Camping stoves can be provided at zero cost.


Step 6:             Contact us to book your personal family trip and list your options via email.





Example Trip Combinations


Climbing at Whipps Ledges for a family of 4       

  • 1 Day $50
  • Climbing for 2 participants $100
  • Lunch for all 4 people $40

Total:                                                    $190


Ohio Day Trips for a Family of 4

  • 2 Days $100
  • “Round the Corner” option No Charge
  • Climbing with 3 out of 4 participating $150
  • Mountain Biking with all 4 participating $220
  • Two meals (Lunch for both days) $80
  • No Camping, Travel back home option or book hotel on own No Charge

Total:                                                    $550                      



New River Gorge, WV Trip for a Family of 4

  • 3 Days $200
  • “Over Yonder” Mileage Charge at $0.50/ mile (one-way) est. 349 miles= $174.50
  • Guided Day hike for whole family $70
  • Climbing with only 2 participants $100
  • Whitewater Rafting in WV (4 people) $400
  • Two nights at campground with showers (4 people) $60
  • Five meals during trip cooked by Trip Leader (4 people) $200

Total:                                                    $1,204.50


North Carolina Trip for a Family of 4

  • 4 days $300
  • “Over Yonder” Mileage Charge at $0.50/ mile (one way) est. 483 miles= $241.50
  • Caving ($150 for whole family) $150
  • Mountain Biking (4 participants) $220
  • Overnight Backpacking Trip ($150 for whole family)   $150
  • Backcountry Camping for 1 Night with tents and hammocks No Charge
  • Camping at campground with showers $120
  • 8 Meals during trip cooked by Trip Leader (4 people) $320

Total                                                      $1,501.50


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