Help us change the world by making kids better

Imagine how great the world could be if every kid could have a strong role model, gain confidence, empathy and build lifelong friendships. It starts with you making a commitment to be that role model and facilitate such growth. Camp Fitch YMCA hires committed men and women with a passion for helping kids grow stronger in spirit, mind, and body to do just that in the many aspects of work required to make these experiences happen. Check out the list below for current openings.

New and returning staff apply online for positions including Counselor, Lifeguard, Girls’ Camp Director, Galley Crew, Activity Facilitator, and more. If you have questions, please contact us by email or phone (814.844.6353). New applicants should have at the ready the email address and phone number for three character references: one family member and two others who know you and your rapport with children well.

Looking for more that just a job?  At Camp Fitch our staff is family, serving over 15,000 kids and families per year we are always looking for talented people wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, forever.  Check out our current job postings or contact us directly if you want to see how your talents could find a home at a great camp on a Great Lake!