Camp Fitch YMCA

Camp Fitch YMCA


Welcome aboard, mate!

We’re thrilled that your child is signed up to join our fleet of campers sailing toward a life well-lived! We spend all year preparing to make the summer experience everything you expect it will be, and we want to give you a chance to help us ensure it’s a successful experience.

Your CampInTouch account that was created automatically when you registered is where you can locate and complete all forms, check your balance, request bunkmates, as well as register for more sessions. If there are any questions or you encounter problems with accessing this section of the site, please email us at and we’ll get you squared away.

In addition to email updates about your child’s summer camp experience, check out our FAQ for new parents.


Mail – our address is 12600 Abels Road, North Springfield, PA 16430 for package and mail delivery.  In addition at check-in we provide mail drop off baskets for every day of the week that saves you postage and allows you to pick which day you want your child to receive their letter. Mail is delivered after lunch every day. 

Store and Camper Spending – we no longer ask parents to deposit money in your child’s account instead there is a digital form in your child’s account where you set spending limits for the store and crafts. Camper accounts are closed as of Friday night.

Special Diets – Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, et al? We feed over 10,000 people a year so we have options at every meal, while you can also talk directly with Chef Scott as he loves working with families so your child stays well fed:

Lodges, Cabins, Cabents, Oh my! – Campers ages 6 – 7 sleep in year round lodges, ages 8 – 12 in our open air cabins with a half bath, while teens sleep in open air cabents (they like it that way). Campers ages 8 – 16 all walk to modern, indoor bathrooms to shower so a container for toiletries comes in handy!

Lodge Ages 6 -7
Cabins Ages 8 – 12
Cabins Ages 13 - 16

Bug Nets – Campers ages 8 – 16 sleep in open air and cabents, so some parents choose to purchase bug nets. They are more common with younger kids (maybe ¼ for kids under 10), while rarely seen with teens. Beds are 36” x 74” (narrow twin) x 34” tall if you would like to bring one for your child.

Bunk Storage – Cabin beds allow up to an 18” tall tub underneath, while teens cabins only have 9” clearance