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Building empathetic leadership skills at the best place on earth

Camp Fitch is proud of a progressive leadership development sequence for teens age 15–17. Our friendly, non-judgemental culture solidifies the leadership lessons that teens learn at home, church, and school by giving them an opportunity to practice them. Under the observation of our Leadership Development Staff, each camper gets plenty of coaching to help them become the leader they want to be.

Leader-in-Training (LIT)

The LIT Experience for 15 year–old campers focuses on problem-solving, communication, and personal-development. This one-week experience includes an overnight hiking trip in our beautiful woods and a project-based challenge: both activities demand honest and open communication. Campers live in Boys’ and Girls’ Camp with one of their staff coaches.

Counselor-in-Training (CIT)

The two-week CIT Experience prepares 16 year–old campers to lead kids as a Skipper at Fitch or elsewhere. The first week of the CIT Experience is spent learning how to direct kids and lead activities. The second week is an apprenticeship week spent shadowing Fitch’s strongest staff who mentor each CIT. CITs get a performance evaluation at the end of the experience which helps them to continue to solidify the gains in empathetic leadership they’ve practiced at Camp.


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Flagship Experience

Our traditional, hundred-year-old sleep-away camp for kids aged 6–16.

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For kids 6-16, this is our traditional experience that kids from all over the world have enjoyed for over 100 years! We can't wait for you to come be a part of it.

Camp Fitch Farm

Farming Focus

Grow both food and friendships through the Farm Focus experience!

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We have created an engaging farm focus to teach children about raising animals, planting seeds and sustainability.


Equestrian Focus

Resident camps for beginning to intermediately skilled horse lovers.

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For Boys and Girls who love horses, being an Outrider is hands-on, in the saddle fun at summer camp!

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Leadership Focus

Helping teens develop into tomorrows empathetic, effective leaders.

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Engage your teenager in our leadership development experiences to develop crucial skills in areas like teamwork, empathy, responsibility, and a service mentality.

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Health Focus

Kids with diabetes or epilepsy each have opportunity at Fitch to have a sleep-away camp experience under the watchful eye of medical specialists.

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Let our special medical teams closely supervise your child while educating and encouraging them on their journey toward independence.

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Teen Adventure Trips

We have amazing teen adventure trips that take the Camp Fitch experience on the road. We put together multi-day hiking, rappelling and whitewater trips.

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Taking the Fitch Experience on the road allows us to push kids even further out of their comfort zones, build intense friendships based on trust and shared responsibility, and expose them to activities they might never have experienced before.

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Tech Focus

Challenge yourself with intriguing programming puzzles while still having a traditional camp experience.

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Does your child love working on computers? Let them do that all week with like-minded boys and girls while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine!