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Our progressive Flagship sequence allows your child to grow year after year.

Camp Fitch’s youth development programs are designed to provide a progressively challenging multi-year growth experience. Each step complements the values parents model and teach at home; a Fitch experience is a great tool for parents to enhance their child’s social, emotional and spiritual development. Our goal is for each camper to make a new friend and grow in character and confidence with each year.

Mackinaw Fleet

This special pre-camp program is for 6- and 7-year-olds to introduce the resident camping experience. With only three kids assigned to each counselor, your child will get a lot of attention and supervision. The Mackinaws live inside one of our fully-equipped lodges and travel all together at all times.

Sloop Fleet

The Sloop Fleet includes our 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old mates. Like the shipmates of Mackinaw Fleet, the Sloops are often first time campers, and their program is designed to emphasize friendship and inclusion. The Sloops live close to the bath houses, and generally have one counselor for every 6 campers.

Schooner Fleet

The 11- and 12-year-olds make up the Schooner Fleet. With more Rope options available to them, they start to build their body of skills and independence.

Clipper Fleet

Clipper Fleet is comprised of 13- and 14- year olds, who have even more Rope options to engage with, like sailing and sea-kayaking adventures. The Clippers also enjoy some special events, like a poolside social hour after the evening activity.

Named for one of Camp Fitch’s earliest campers who went on to become an influential director, 15-year-olds have the opportunity to start the Leadership Development sequence with a one-week team-building experience that emphasizes empathetic leadership skills and developing a service mentality.

At age 16, campers are eligible to apply for a two-week session that prepares them to be a leader in both the camping environment and their lives in school and home. The first week builds crucial leadership skills, and in the second week CITs shadow a counselor to observe and practice the skills they learned in the first week.


summer camp leadership

Flagship Experience

Our traditional, hundred-year-old sleep-away camp for kids aged 6–16.

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For kids 6-16, this is our traditional experience that kids from all over the world have enjoyed for over 100 years! We can't wait for you to come be a part of it.

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Tech Focus

Challenge yourself with intriguing programming puzzles while still having a traditional camp experience.

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Does your child love working on computers? Let them do that all week with like-minded boys and girls while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine!


Equestrian Focus

Resident camps for beginning to intermediately skilled horse lovers.

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For Boys and Girls who love horses, being an Outrider is hands-on, in the saddle fun at summer camp!

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Leadership Focus

Helping teens develop into tomorrows empathetic, effective leaders.

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Engage your teenager in our leadership development experiences to develop crucial skills in areas like teamwork, empathy, responsibility, and a service mentality.

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Swim Focus

Sharpen your competitive edge with expert swim technique coaching at this Focus Experience.

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With solid individual coaching, this Focus Experience is sure to shave time for swimmers in your family while having a great time with great friends!

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Health Focus

Kids with diabetes or epilepsy each have opportunity at Fitch to have a sleep-away camp experience under the watchful eye of medical specialists.

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Let our special medical teams closely supervise your child while educating and encouraging them on their journey toward independence.