Calling all horse lovers age 11–15!

The Outriders Focus Experience is for kids who want the best of both worlds: spending half the day improving their riding skills and the rest of the time in our  Flagship activities makes for a week to remember.

Outriders learn to ride, groom, and tack our herd of about 12 trained horses. The boys and girls in this Focus Experience form a strong bond not only with the horses, but also with each other as they work together in the barn and on the trail. The program helps boys and girls ages 11–15 build empathy and trust—crucial skills when working with animals and people.

Our Centofanti Equestrian Center is a state-of-the-art facility that includes stables, a rising arena for rainy days and controlled-environment lessons, and a great hangout spot for the Outriders. Staffed by our CHA-certified Equestrian Coordinator and a qualified staff of riding instructors, the Outrider Focus Experience is perfect for beginning to intermediate riders. Campers will be assessed and enter this progressive-challenge program at one of six skill levels.

Sessions are limited to 12 campers, check our availability page to learn more.

All of our Focus Experiences are designed to provide a healthy balance between the Focus Activity and traditional summer camp activities: in fact, that is what sets our these Focus Experiences apart from other focused activities for kids (such as sports camps). The vision for all of our summer camp programs is to help kids make new friends and work toward achievement in areas for which they have passion. These two outcomes are intended to help kids grow in empathy, build grit and determination, and emerge from a week of camp as a more self-confident and emotionally intelligent kid. Specifically, kids in the Outriders Focus Experience spend about 1/2 of their day with horses and the equestrian staff; the other half of the day is spent with their shipmates participating in our traditional suite of Flagship activities.


Flagship Experience

For kids 6-16, this is our traditional experience that kids from all over the world have enjoyed for over 100 years! We can’t wait for you to come be a part of it.

Leadership Development

Engage your teenager in our leadership development experiences to develop crucial skills in areas like teamwork, empathy, responsibility, and a service mentality.

Teen Adventure Trips

Taking the Fitch Experience on the road allows us to push kids even further out of their comfort zones, build intense friendships based on trust and shared responsibility

Health Focus

Let our special medical teams closely supervise your child while educating and encouraging them on their journey toward independence.

Tech Focus

Does your child love working on computers? Let them do that all week with like-minded boys and girls while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine!

Equestrian Focus

For boys and girls who love horses, being an Outrider is hands-on, in the saddle fun at summer camp!

Farm Focus

We have created an engaging farm focus to teach children about raising animals, planting seeds and sustainability.

Drone Focus

For boys and girls who love flying drones, Drone Focus will teach children how to become an expert pilot!