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COVID-19 Update

Our Decision for Summer 2020

Dear Campers and Camper Families,

We think of you every day and for the last two months have listened to parents, health care and camping experts, and worked with the local Department of Health.  In the end, the Camp Fitch traditional summer camp experience that we all love and provided a safe harbor for children was not a viable path forward.

As a result, we are taking the following steps:

  • All Flagship Summer Sessions, Focus Programs, and Adventure Trips are suspended in 2020.
  • Virtual Summer Camp at No Charge for all registered campers: Ropes, Voyages, Chapels, Don’t Give Up the Ship, and Candlelight.
  • Summer Family Programs at Camp Fitch for 2020: we are planning and working with the Department of Health to offer day and overnight programs for families as an isolated group. Please stay tuned for email and Facebook announcements for the possibility that your family could come to camp and enjoy your own open space this summer along our Great Lake!
  • Fall 2020 and Summer 2021 Programming: We are planning on operating our fall and summer 2021 programming. Please visit our website for continued updates on all of our programs.
  • Summer Camp 2021: sessions are open for registration.

Although this is not the summer that we all had hoped for when we relit our candles in December, the Camp Fitch Bunch is determined to continue to serve children and make them better, forever.

Our entire staff misses you and hopes you stay safe until we get to see you again.


A message about Summer from Tom Parker.



For those of you who have paid some, or all, of your 2020 fees, we are offering four options:


  • Donate all paid fees. This helps us continue to operate on a year-round basis and enables our full-time staff to continue working and developing programs for summer, outdoor education, and groups & conferences. You will receive a donation receipt.
  • Donate a portion of paid fees, receive refund or 2021 credit for rest. This option helps in the same way as above. You can specify what amount you’d like to donate and what amount you’d like refunded back to your original payment method.
  • Carryover all fees to 2021. General registration is open on June 1
  • Full refund. Your refund will be paid back to your original payment method the week your child was scheduled to attend.


*The Form is available on your Campminder Account

Helping Our Kids Manage Disappointment Over Cancelled Camp & Summer Plans from Tina Payne Bryson, PhD on Vimeo.