Welcome aboard, mate!

We’re thrilled that your child is signed up to join our fleet of campers sailing toward a life well-lived! We spend all year preparing to make the summer experience everything you expect it will be, and we want to give you a chance to help us ensure it’s a successful experience.

All forms and information exchange take place once you are logged in to your CampInTouch account that was created automagically when you registered. In this secure section of our website you can upload a picture of your camper, complete medical forms, tell us important confidential information about your child, view payment information, and more. If you prefer to minimize the online interaction, you can print the forms from your CampInTouch account and fax them back to us. Please don’t email these forms to us, however, since email isn’t as secure as your online account or the fax service we use for form return.

If there are any questions or you encounter problems with accessing this section of the site, please give our registrar, Hannah Kight, a call at 814.922.3219 or email at and we’ll get you squared away.

Login here to access your CampInTouch account which was created automagically when you registered. This is your homebase for preparation, payment, communication with your camper, photos of the week and more.

Download this booklet to help you prepare your child for the best week of the summer!