october, 2017

20octallday22alldayLiving a Course in Miracles RetreatSponsored by the Glenwood YMCA


Event Details

Come and embrace all of Life with us at our 3rd Annual “Living A Course in Miracles” retreat at Camp Fitch YMCA retreat Center in East Springfield, PA on October 20th to October 22nd 2017. The purpose of this retreat is to bring understanding, meaning and direct experience to our Spiritual Reality. Dr. Jon Mundy, author, spiritual facilitator, publisher of Miracles Magazine and executive director of All Faiths Seminary International in New York City will be a key presenter. He will share his life experiences and understanding of what it takes to live “A Course in Miracles”. Jon was friends with Helen Schucman, the scribe of “A Course in Miracles”, who introduced him to the book in 1973. Living, writing and sharing the profound teachings of the Course has been a passion of Jon’s since.

During your time at the retreat you will participate in many healing sessions specifically designed to help embrace fear, guilt and judgments as your own, to let them go. Sessions will have music, meditation, prayer, energy healing and discussion as portals to transformation, love and awareness. Anyone can experience new transformation by participating in this retreat. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in A Course in Miracles, new to ACIM, live out other spiritual paths, have no path or have been practicing the Course for 30 years; we believe and trust that you will experience positive self-transformation at some level. This annual celebration was born from the intentions, heart and love of the people participating in our weekly Living ACIM group at the Glenwood YMCA in Erie, PA. More and more people are becoming conscious of inner peace yet don’t always know how to sustain it. We have found that by creating Holy relationships with others we sustain awareness of peace and enjoy deeper meaning in life. This retreat provides us an opportunity to embrace the undoing of fear, so we can create our life from Spirit and experience healing in the face of any form of conflict or sickness. Collaborating for the purpose of experiencing inner peace, unleashes vibrations that will affect our relationship with humanity in miraculous and often unforeseen ways.

Learn more and register at www.livingacim.net.  Cost for the weekend package is $190 for 2 nights lodging, 4 meals and all sessions.

Upon request, special pricing accommodations are available for Saturday and Sunday only.  Please email questions to Josh at jdolecki1111@gmail.com or call 814-572-3801.


october 20 (Friday) - 22 (Sunday)


Camp Fitch

12600 Abels Road, North Springfield, PA 16430