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Fitch has been growing kids stronger for 100 years

As a cause-driven organization, we believe that the social, outdoor experiences we provide can make a lasting positive impact on kids’ success and satisfaction. If we’re right, and if enough kids participate in our programs, then Camp Fitch can move the needle toward a better world for all.

Because of this conviction, we do not want a Fitch experience to be out of reach for families who desire to participate but face financial hurdles. With your help, we would like to be in the position to offer over 2,021 deserving kids and families financial aid to come to Camp Fitch in 2021. Last year, our supporters gave this opportunity to over 2,000 summer kids, several families for family camps, and over 1,500 students in our Outdoor Education program.

To learn more about our case for support, download or contact us to request a more lengthy explanation of the attributes kids practice at Camp that can make such a positive impact on the world. A camp experience is known to be remembered for a lifetime in deep memory. Help us make sure that kids of diverse backgrounds and income levels get a chance to grow in this meaningful way. Lots of kids will be grateful to you forever.