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Our Farming Program

When you put a chicken in a child’s arms, especially a child who has never seen a farm animal before, they become a different person. Our goal at the Camp Fitch Farm is to bring kids out of their comfort zone through farm-to-school visits, school-year farming classes, and a Farm Focus summer camp experience. Through heritage-breed livestock and heirloom plant gardening, we teach kids how to connect with the world around them and how to work alongside nature, not against it! We also help bridge the gap between the food on their plates and the farmers that produced it.

Currently, the Camp Fitch Farm raises Kunekune pigs, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Jersey Wooly and Argent Brun rabbits, and a host of rare and unique breeds of poultry (including Royal Palm turkeys and Icelandic chickens). If you’re interested in donating to our program, adopting one of our animals, sending your child to Farm Focus camp, or organizing a farm-to-school experience, please reach out to one of our staff members! They’d be happy to work with you.


Meet the Farmers

Kassidy Groner
Farm Manager
Phone: (814) 208-8339

Brandy Duda
Outdoor Education Director
Phone: (814) 844-6358