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Growing up as a kid, I always look forward to summer… Yes for the obvious reasons of no school, homework, or teacher, but also because that meant I got to go to Camp Fitch!!! Now most of my friends had never been to any kind of summer camp, so they never understood why I was always so excited to get “shipped off” (in their words) to camp. They saw it as a way for my parents to be “kid free” for an extended period of time. What my friends didn’t realize was, while they were hanging out at the pool all summer or playing sports, I was rock climbing, sea kayaking, playing capture the flag, and so many more activities that normally I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do any place else.

See the things is, I knew I had an incredible opportunity to try new things and make new friends as a kid going to camp, but what I didn’t realize, until later in life, was the amazing affect Camp Fitch had on the person that I am today! Camp taught me independence, how to live and work with others, not to be afraid to try something new, confidence in who I am as a person, as well as so many other life skills that are so important in becoming an adult.

This is why I want to give other kids the opportunity I had, by participating in the Polar Bear Plunge! Even though I will not actually be able to partake in the Plunge in Lake Erie, due to the inconvenience of my job taking me to Florida 🙂 , I still find that I want to do my part to raise money for a deserving kid to know what the summer camp experience is all about!

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