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Hello, everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Jimmy Perkins, and I am a Program Facilitator here at Camp Fitch YMCA. By visiting this page, you have at least shown interest in making a contribution to my Polar Bear Campaign; and for that, I thank you.

The Polar Bear Campaign is a fundraiser to help kids who cannot afford the price of a week at summer camp. At this time, I want to take a moment to be open an honest with all of you. Sending your child to stay with us for a week is not an inexpensive proposition. There are certain inescapable expenses where taking care of children and providing experiences for them over the course of a week: 17 family-style meals, program staff and supplies, medical care, and of course, their counselor, to name a few.

However, you can help me help them. What I propose is a very simple arrangement. This webpage is the home-base for my Polar Bear Campaign. When you donate money, it does not go to me. It does not go to Camp Fitch. It goes to my campaign. Every penny you give goes directly to one of our camper scholarships. In exchange, I make a sacrifice of my own. In early March, I will jump into the freezing cold Lake Erie to prove a point: that making an effort is worth it. Your sacrifice, your donation, your gift, enables us to spread the trans-formative power of summer camp to those who cannot afford it.

If you are still reading this, then you must be at least a little bit invested in helping me make a change in the lives of the kids who need our help. If you have the resources to make a donation to my campaign, I implore you to do so; every dollar counts. If you can’t donate, don’t worry, you can still contribute. Everyone in the world knows five other people. Whether you donate to this campaign or not, please make an effort to tell five of your friends about this webpage. With your help, we can raise the money to aid kids who otherwise wouldn’t have such a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for your contribution to my Polar Bear Campaign. Whether you donated, spread the word, or just visited this page, you are making a concerted effort to better the lives of those who need it the most, and there is no higher calling than that. Thank you again, and good luck.

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