Charlie’s Angels

Be one of Charlie’s Angels

The Camp Fitch community gave an outpouring of support and grief for the loss of Charlie Pfannenschmidt and asked if they could do anything to memorialize his life. ¬†Join us for a memorial open house on Feb 12, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm for a smorgasbord of Charlie’s treats and great fellowship around the fireplace in Kane Lodge. ¬†Please RSVP by email or phone (877.863.4824)

Not all people are lucky enough to find a vocation in what they were born to do, but with a last name like “Pfannenschmidt” which in German literally translates to Pan- or Dish-Maker, it’s pretty clear that Charlie is a man who found his calling. While we certainly miss him at lunch, and will undoubtedly miss his cinnamon rolls at breakfast, we hope to see you at this celebration to eat and reminisce about his life and impact. For more details about Charlie’s life, see the obituary Kelly wrote.

Charlie gets his own birthday cake back in the day at Camp Fitch! Check out the old (small) kitchen -- no wonder he didn't want anyone underfoot! Mrs. Trammel is keeping her eye on Charlie in the background.
A rare 1990 picture of Charlie out of the kitchen mentoring the boys of Ot-Yo-Kwa on the proper technique for tipping trash cans into the dumpster. From left to right are his willing apprentices Jay Humphrey, Robby Hettler, Donny Craig and in the background looking on is Eric Zaller who may have been the Steward that summer.