We get by with a little help from our friends

Our little stretch of the North Coast has some great people who are dedicated to their craft. As members of this local community we are proud of our relationships in it — many of them longstanding. All of these businesses help Camp Fitch carry out it’s mission. A partial list includes:

Owned and operated by Jon Holliday, this third-generation North Springfield fixture is a must-stop before and after any visit to Fitch.

Experience the pace of the pioneer on horse-drawn wagon and sleigh rides most weekends thanks to Brian English and his family’s well-trained pulling teams.

James and his team have done fantastic things with our web presence — both the forward-facing look and getting us on a solid back-end foundation. We’re grateful for Soap Effect’s help telling the world about our work and our story.

Keeps us well stocked in apples until there ain’t no more.

New home of Charlie’s sticky-bun cinnamon rolls, and now our supplier.

All of our rBGH free milk flows to us from local family dairy farms in Western Pennsylvania through Turner’s.

Helps us keep our fleet of vehicles, tractors, wagons, and pizza ovens well-soled.

Wright’s Garage keeps our vehicles safely on the road.