Polar Bear Plunge!

Take the 4-372 Initiative by participating in the 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge!  Last year we had well over 50 intrepid Fitch Faithful take the plunge to help send 372 kids to summer camp who really need the opportunity to discover and find hope in our intentional unifying community that leads to lifelong connections between people.

The festivities will begin on Saturday morning, April 2nd, with a great brunch followed by a Rubber Duck Race in Crooked Creed and other fun, family events. At 2:00 pm, we’ll be the first campers of 2016 to swim in Lake Erie, followed by a great meal and a Euchre tournament.  Many prizes will be awarded, much fun will be had — we hope that you can be a part of it!

camp fitch polar bear plunge 2017
Chickagami's Finest Take the Plunge!

You don’t have be plunge in order to get in on the action — there are a bunch of ways you can be a part of the Polar Bear Plunge:

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The honor of joining the Order of Ursus maritimus goes to those who complete two tasks: (1) raise $100 for the 4-372 Initiative and (2) plunge into Lake Erie on April 2.  The benefits of membership are life-changing, and your committment will be recorded in Camp Fitch archives for all future campers’ inspiration.

Come enjoy the fun, great food, and the entertaining company of lunatics Chillin’ Cuz’ They’re Willin’! Bring your whole family to enjoy the day at Camp. Registration only helps us plan meals and activities, there is no fee.

Find your favorite Polar Bear’s page on this list, and help them reach their goal to send a kid to Camp!

Registration links and Personal Campaign Pages are hosted on our Alumni website one more time this year. Thanks for your patience. Please email or call (814.844.6354) Matt if you any questions or problems registering or donating.