november, 2017

05nov(nov 5)10:00 am(nov 5)10:00 amShadow Lumination Workshop(En)lighten your load and shine a light on your shadow self!


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Have you ever felt triggered by an event or person in a way that overwhelmed you or sent you into Reaction instead of Response?

Have you ever felt unsettled in your work or life’s purpose as though something bigger was calling you but you weren’t clear on what?

Have you ever made yourself small or hidden parts of you in certain situations because you felt you couldn’t be fully YOU?

These are all signs of your Shadow Side at work.

We are born freely expressing ourselves, our human nature, and the full spectrum of our emotions without editing or censoring. As we grow, we repress or hide parts of ourselves that are labeled as unacceptable or unlovable. These parts make up our Shadow Side.

Bringing this Shadow Side to light in a gentle and compassionate way can lead us to consciously integrate ALL of ourselves, and become more accepting of ourselves and others as whole individuals made up of both

  • dark & light,
  • positive & negative,
  • expansion & contraction,
  • ebb & flow.

The cost of not bringing our Shadow Side to the light is that we deny ourselves the full expression and understanding of who we truly are. Further, this denial influences the way we show up in the world and in our relationships with those we love most at a subconscious level, often creating undesireable patterns in our lives. ShadowLumination is about honoring ALL of your Self, moving beyond accepting into loving, and empowering you by drawing out the Gift of your Shadow Side.


(Sunday) 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


Camp Fitch YMCA

12600 Abels Road North Springfield, PA 16430

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