The Plunger


Ben & Julia Pratt joined by Karen Sheppard, Margaret Herzog & Tony Pratt are taking a dunk to fill a bunk as… TEAM PRATT! Kids today are plugged into so much, so much of the time, it’s hard to keep track. But parents do know this much: It’s too much, already! YMCA Camp Fitch offers an opportunity for kids to unplug from their conventional technology, day to day activities, and lives and explore new ways of thought, different cultures and creates an environment of self discovery critical to the growth and development of happy and healthy youth. Unfortunately, not everyone family can afford do send a kid to camp. By supporting this campaign you help us provide this tremendous opportunity for kids that otherwise could not afford it. Please consider donating today. I know Camp Fitch changed my life, and I just hope to give that experience to as many children and young adults as possible.

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