The Plunger


I have spent at least one week every summer for the past 25 years at Camp Fitch. Camp has truly helped shape me into the person that I am today. I have seen (and can personally attest to) the life changing relationships where kids can truly feel important and be accepted for who they are. It has helped give me the confidence in myself and sense of empowerment to not only succeed at Camp, but in school and my career. I have built lifelong friendships, had many new experiences, and been introduced to people from all over the world, helping to broaden my world view. I am plunging to help provide this experience to kids who cannot afford it due to financial constraints. Please consider donating to give a kid the week of a lifetime. It will change their life. Any little bit helps. Thanks!

Justin and Ryan have been attending Camp Fitch their entire lives, including many family camps, individual weeks at camp and some years on staff between them. Marcus will be attending for the first time and taking the plunge to support a great cause!

Meet Snookie’s Dream Team:
Candace Mirto (4th year plunger)
Marcus Williams (1st year plunger, 1st time at Camp)
Ryan Mirto (2nd year plunger)
Justin Mirto (1st year plunger)

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